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Breakthrough in Cold Chain Monitoring 

Breakthrough in Cold Chain Monitoring 

06 October 2022

By Francis Dcruz

Current State-Cold Chain Monitoring 

Cold Chain Monitoring Transportation of pharmaceutical and perishable products require controlled temperature and monitoring of vital signs. Especially for most Cold chain logistics providers who offer an environment in which goods can pe procured, stored, and delivered to the end customers. Tracking delivery status at every point adds to the complexity. This ensures no or little breaches occur that may damage valuable goods and cause disruption in service to clients.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has further heightened the significance of stronger cold chain management technologies. Faster delivery of vaccines in large quantities became imperative for communities all over the world. Even food and beverage industry has gone through stricter regulations. Efficient cold chain logistics is the key to minimize wastage in a global crisis and provide faster delivery of valuable products to humanity.


Passive-dataloggers and Barcode Reading technology are not serving the purpose of tracking each stage of the product’s journey. Any issue experienced during a particular stage is only recorded as an incident and there is no means to recover the goods especially for temperature sensitive goods. Older technologies have data reliability issues. Human intervention is needed at the end of the journey to analyze data and determine what went wrong including the inability to reschedule the delivery to avoid compliance issues. The tools available are single use resulting in higher electronic wastage. As a result, valuable goods and equipment are wasted, and huge losses incurred. Conventional supply chain models and patterns are not addressing these problems.

Game Changing Technologies-Cold Chain Monitoring 

Latest technology allows complete shift from analog to digital thereby closing the supply chain gaps and allowing near real time decision making. IoT devices helps gather from integrated sensors and is able to transmit data via networks to a cloud portal. Reusable data loggers reduce electronic wastage addressing environmental issues.

Integrating IoT enabled devices will enhance operational efficiency. Redefining logistics to adopt new technology to meet current challenges is crucial. Innovative asset tracking and monitoring solutions will result in minimum delays and wastage, in addition to reducing operating costs.

Adapt Ideations Data Logger offered by Intellistride is an important tool for monitoring temperature sensitive and high value cargo in near real time. Vital environmental data of stock of assets can also be monitored during storage to prevent damage. Continuous near real time tracking, temperature detection, remote monitoring, and instant notifications can prevent huge losses.


In essence, traditional supply chain models and patterns are becoming obsolete while operational efficiency is increased through the integration of IoT enabled solutions. Innovative solutions that enable data to be collected and communicated in near real-time assists the visibility throughout the supply chain. The result is greater supply chain optimization.

The asset tracker utilizes IoT connectivity to collect near real-time data such as location, temperature, airplane mode and other related metrics. In a single interface, sensors from the moving asset communicate near real time information promptly back to the business, thus increasing visibility.

The Pharma Industry can significantly benefit from the use of innovative near real-time data loggers and dashboard tools especially for Vaccine, Food & Beverage, and other sensitive cargo tracking. Constant temperature monitoring and exposure to light is of core importance for vaccines to be viable. Tracking vaccine movement from manufacturer to end user is critical to provide the quality and efficacy of vaccines throughout the route and in storage facilities. Data gathered can help improve cold chain management by identifying issues during storage and distribution.

Similarly, the Food & Beverage Industry can utilize the  Adapt Ideations ‘latest technology to monitor and understand vital conditions of large amounts of food items. Stringent regulations and compliance measures further adds to the complexity. Seafood, meat, various food items and more need to be carefully handled throughout its journey. Controlled temperature, light sensors and shock exposure must be continuously monitored by the system and free your operations from tedious recording or mundane duties. Implementing asset tracking solutions like Adapt Ideations’ data logger can substantially reduce wastage of high value temperature sensitive food items. Quality deterioration and package damage during transportation can be avoided. Strict regulations can be conveniently followed, and data can be shared with all stakeholders to monitor the process.

Best Practices-Cold Chain Monitoring 

With a robust and simple monitoring system with no human intervention, the focus will be to ensure compliance with Best Practices and Regulatory Requirements on the goods and services supporting the business. Audit trails of each event in the journey and overall performance in delivery is easily analyzed through cloud-based dashboard and historical data accessible to the users anytime in a highly secured encrypted platform.

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