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Relevance of  RFID in the IoT space

Relevance of RFID in the IoT space

10 December 2019

By: By Rajesh S

It is interesting to know that the birth of the term “Internet of Things” happened exactly two decades ago in 1999 with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) when Kevin Ashton, working on supply chain optimization at Proctor & Gamble, had coined the term during a presentation. It is remarkable that RFID is one of the key enablers of IoT even today.

Internet of things (IoT) is not a buzzword anymore as many industries have already started taking advantage of IoT by implementing it to enhance their business processes and profitability. IoT is a huge network of connected things/devices (which includes humans and animals) capable of collecting and storing data. The fuel for IoT is data being generated from these devices which can be converted into actionable insights.

As one of the key enablers of IoT, RFID is known for generating a lot a data. A robust and powerful middleware (a software which interacts with the device and the network) is required to convert these data into meaningful events. The middleware is tailored to suit the application it serves. For example, when it comes to asset tracking and monitoring of critical items it is possible to create customized dashboards using free opensource tools to visualize the movements of objects towards a direction (IN & OUT) and utilization of these


“RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item” ( RAIN RFID readers act as a standalone IoT gateway by connecting things to the internet through various means — wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular communication technologies. Being an IoT gateway RAIN RFID readers act as a bridge for connecting non-IP devices to the internet.

RFID collects data and allows things to be recognised by computer systems. For example, adding RFID tags to parts or in-process items in manufacturing, clothes or shoes in retail, healthcare records or lab specimens in hospitals, cars, wagons or containers in transport can speed up various operations. RFID tags collect data and applications know where things are, what things are if things have moved, who moved them or used them and so on.

In short, among all the technologies available today, it is RFID that really makes the Internet of Things (IoT) what it is.

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