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Smart Trolley Using IoT

Smart Trolley Using IoT

23 May 2022

Intellistride Smart Trolley – Store Check-out on customer finder tips

Smart Trolley Using Iot, Today’s retail environment is undergoing a drastic transformation in terms of the use of technology to enhance the experience for the customer while they are shopping. The pandemic has also thrown up a few challenges. While the pandemic has pushed consumers to higher e-commerce adoption at the same time it has taken away from the pleasurable experience of browsing products on shop windows. With the pandemic abating, more and more customers are returning to shops. While they enjoy the touch and feel of the products, they still want the advantages of the e-commerce experience. Two main areas are visibility of in-store inventory and minimum check out time. These are the two areas that need addressing for a better customer experience as customers return to the store. Not only does it impact customer experience, but it also impacts the efficiency of retail operations and manpower needs. Innovation in the use of technology is the need of the hour to keep pace with the evolving environment. While there are ways to keep a  real-time track of store inventory what we address in this article is a solution to long waiting times at the check-out counter.  The “Intellistride Smart Trolley” is one such innovation. Intellistride smart shopping cart has the potential to radically enhance the whole shopping experience.  The good old ubiquitous shop trolley gets a facelift with the ‘Intellistride Smart Trolley”

Intellistride smart shopping trolley just like eCommerce brings the billing experience under customer control.  Intellistride Smart Trolley integrates product identification devices, printers, and payment terminals to convert into a self-check-out point-of-sale. Customers will feel safe, and in control and can enjoy a hassle-free experience while in the store. This also improves in-store operations. Coupled with an Electronic Articles surveillance system, Instore inventory access information Intellistride Smart trolley can significantly reduce the running cost of operations. The concept can be expanded to include many more features with the display now in front of customers. Intellistride automated shopping trolley for billing system can be envisaged as a “shopper’s companion” that will truly help retailers provide a unique experience to their customers…




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