Meaningful and innovative RFID based IoT solutions!

IntelliStride is a provider of RFID products, IoT software and solutions in the Asia Pacific region in partnership with Kathrein Solutions GMBH, a worldwide leader in RFID Antenna technology. We bring the benefits of real innovation and breakthrough technologies to our large and small enterprise clients, as well as to our partners and system integrators.

Armed with best in class hardware and with years of industry experience, the company connects physical items, software platforms and business apps to provide information for intelligent management and quick decision making, enhancing business performance and profitability.

IntelliStride offers end-to-end IoT solutions to the automotive, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transport and logistics sectors such as Supply Chain Automation, Work-in-Process / Kanban, Yard management, RLTS and object tracking, Track and trace, Fleet management, Maintenance, Electronic toll collect, Parking management, and more. 

The company has a major presence in Singapore and India with a network of offices and partners in other Asia Pacific countries. 

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To become the most customer centric company in APAC offering intelligent IoT solutions by connecting things, data and intelligence to solve business problems, enabling our customers achieve efficiencies and create new business opportunities.


To provide quick, innovative and meaningful RFID and IoT solutions to enable our customers realize business value.


  • Trust – We earn trust from our Customers, Colleagues, Partners during each stage of our interaction, whether in sales or the execution phase.
  • Impact – We create a positive impact on our customers and our partners (customers are partners too) business each and every time.
  • Responsibility – We take responsibility for what we do and deliver on our promises.
  • Challenge Support Grow – We challenge each other, Support each other and Grow as individuals and as an organization.


IntelliStride - Kathrein Solutions Partner in APAC

IntelliStride partners with Kathrein Solutions GMBH, Germany to deliver cutting edge RFID hardware technology, CrossTalk IoT software and IoT solutions to enterprises and system integrators in the Asia Pacific region. Kathrein, Germany is a renowned global provider of world-class RFID hardware and IoT software.

Kathrein has had an impressive presence in APAC region for more than 20 years. IntelliStride, a spin off from Kathrein Solutions group in the APAC, and now an independent entity, brings these technologies and solutions closer to you in the APAC region.

Kathrein’s success story extends over almost an entire century of Antenna technology history. It all began in the small workshop of company founder and engineer Anton Kathrein Senior in 1919. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein, the company grew into an internationally recognized leader in RFID technology and innovation.

Kathrein stands for comprehensive customer care and responsibility towards employees, society and the environment for the past three generations and into the future.

The Kathrein IoT Business Unit worldwide provides world-class RFID Solutions that include hardware, software, services, and support. From blueprints and training to a go-live event, Kathrein offers to complete spectrum of services and support for IoT projects. As a leading provider of RAIN RFID readers and antennas and the IoT software suite Cross Talk, Kathrein infuses strong capabilities into its partnership with IntelliStride.

This partnership of Kathrein’s global expertise and IntelliStride’s local presence in the APAC region brings these value-adds to your business:

Kathrein Solutions receives Best Innovation and Practices Award – RFID Solutions from Frost & Sullivan

Download as PDF
Document (2021 | en | Frost & Sullivan)

  • Early and efficient delivery of RFID hardware in the Asia Pacific region
  • Availability of all the required solution components and tools from one source
  • Gives our Asia Pacific customers the most powerful solutions
  • Faster response times for RFID product delivery or support


100+RFID / IoT Site installations

500+No. of RFID Readers delivered across APAC

100+Software integration projects

80KK+Assets tagged till date

7+CrossTalk IoT Suites deployed

Asia Pacific Countries
We Work In

We provide sales and support in all the countries listed below from our offices in Singapore and India.

  • Singapore
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • SriLanka
  • Mynamar
  • South Korea
  • Bangladesh
  • USA
  • China

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