Connect devices, integrate systems to gather and deliver intelligent data

A successful IoT solution rides on an IoT platform, software components, interface software and business vertical Apps for specific use cases. Kathrein offers the complete software solution to connect and manage RFID devices and systems, capture and display data.

The availability of this range of software enables a quick and smooth IoT implementation that delivers real time data. IntelliStride Technologies configures and implements the software as part of the RFID or IoT solution.

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Case Study and blog


Pallet Tracking Solution using RFID in Singapore

The Client is a leading synthetic rubber company with a business profile of manufacturing and marketing synthetic rubber for use in diverse industries. The client was facing the challenge of effectively managing a huge number of the ‘Unit Load Devices’ like pallets at their plant in Singapore every single day.

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How RFID is shaping the connected world?

While RFID has existed for many years, latest developments have rendered is even more indispensable for implementing IoT solutions and shaping the...

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