IoT initiatives – Is there a right timing?

Podcasts, 17 November 2020

Episode 3 | Listening Time: 14 minutes

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Is there a right time for implementing IoT Technology? How would you know when the time is right?

In the third episode of the series, “All Things IoT-Making it Simple”, Francis D Cruz continues to speak with Anuraag Bhatnagar, the Founder of Intellistride Technologies. In this episode, the two of them discuss the right time for an organization to implement IoT initiatives. It focuses on various internal and external factors that determine the readiness of an organization for implementing IoT initiatives.

Talking Points:

  • Is there a right time for an organization to initiate an IoT project?
  • How does an organization determine the right time?
  • What are the internal factors that impact the initiation of the project?
  • What are the external factors impacting this decision?
  • A real-life case demonstrating how decisions were made


Although the timing for initiating an IoT project will vary for each organization, there are some factors that are more or less universal. These factors are both internal as well as external.

Internal factors include the organization’s financial capabilities, maturity of the targeted process, etc. to determine their readiness for IoT initiation. At the same time, external factors like the maturity of the technology, customer requirements and market demand also need to be considered before making the final call.


  • Francis D Cruz
    Account Manager, Intellistride
  • Anuraag Bhatnagar
    Founder, Intellistride

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