People Aspect of IoT

Podcasts, 17 November 2020

Episode 7 | Listening Time: 19 minutes

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What is the relationship between human resources and technology? What is the role of Human Resources in IoT transformation?

In this episode, Francis D Cruz, the host of the show speaks with Mildred Ambrose, an HR strategy and Executive Search Professional of Asia. They cover the importance of human resources in IoT transformation. This episode sheds light on the relationship between IoT and the role of people in an organization.

Talking Points

  1. How has technology changed the HR landscape?
  2. How has the role of HR changed due to technological transformation like IOT?
  3. A real-life case


Technology has played a significant role in changing the HR landscape. Human resources are compelled to adapt to the technological changes in an organization. Digital transformation and disruptive technologies like AI, IoT, RFID, etc. have created a need for entirely new skillsets.

These changes have also led to the creation of new roles. Workplace has also changed due to digitalization. IoT has created the need to internalize the new skillsets in an organization from top to bottom and bottom to top in order to make the digital transformation effective.


Francis D Cruz, Account Manager, IntelliStride

Mildred Ambrose, HR strategy and Executive Search Professional

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