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Global Supply Chain Optimization with RFID
Global Supply Chain Optimization with RFID CASE STUDY

A worldwide high-tech manufacturer encountered the task of effectively distributing millions of manufactured components through the appropriate logistics channels. Specifically, the warehouse and distribution center in Singapore required assistance in optimizing its warehouse and production operations. A dependable RFID solution was sought to monitor key points within the supply chain accurately.

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Smart Automotive Workshop Empowered by RFID Technology
Smart Automotive Workshop Empowered by RFID Technology CASE STUDY

Automotive workshops have grappled with the task of efficiently handling service and repairs for a high volume of cars each day. By integrating RFID technology into their operations, they have been able to track vehicle delivery times and various service metrics, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and a better overall customer experience.

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Real Time Location System
Real Time Location System Whitepaper

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for Real-Time Localization The Basis for your Digital Production and Logistics Infrastructure

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Bus Priority Management System
Bus Priority Management System CASE STUDY

The Bus Priority Management System (BPMS) ensures accurate and dependable detection of bus arrival at specific locations on the platform. Additionally, it can be applied for road tracking and identification at selected checkpoints or for controlling traffic on the green line to prioritize vehicle.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Overall Equipment Effectiveness CASE STUDY

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - OEE is a performance metrics to evaluate how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. OEE for a specific machine, group of machines or manufacturing cell or entire factory is a function of Availability, Performance and Quality. The ratios to calculate each of these factors is presented below. Availability is Run Time / Planned Production Time, Performance is Actual Cycle Time / Ideal Cycle Time, Quality is Good Products / Total Products Produced

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Animal Tracking System
Animal Tracking System CASE STUDY

The Global economy is booming itis become increasingly apparent that this boom can also cause serious problems by spreading diseases from country to country by accident. This growing number of countries exporting animals to other countries has led to the establishment of record keeping standards that use RFID as the main identification

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Energy Management System
Energy Management System CASE STUDY

Energy Management system (EMS) is a framework for energy consumers, including industrial, commercial and public sector organizations, to manage their energy use.

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RFID Traffic control solution helps to the trace and tracking those vehicles have not proper documents. It can automatically generate a Challan or notice to the owner of the vehicle

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Case Study E-kanban

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How IoT can improve the logistics process
How IoT can improve the logistics process Whitepaper

IIoT contains big data technology, utilizing sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and technologies for industrial automation.

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