RAIN RFID Antennas for varied read ranges and use cases.

These are passive UHF RFID high-performance antennas from Kathrein, suitable for a variety of different read ranges including low range (LORA), mid-range (MIRA) and wide range (WIRA) antennas. ©KRAI enables different intelligent features like beam switch, polarisation switch and antenna cascading for multiple use cases.

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 WRA 3070 Circular Antenna Unit

  • New compact design for ruggedized environmental applications, but also
    for shop floor use cases.
  • Mounting kit for pole mount or gantry mount included.
  • Prepared for 3D mount kit (100 x 100mm).
  • The excellent axial ratio for homogeneous reception of transponders in any
  • Read range*: up to 20 m (* depending on tag properties, environment and
  • Ideal solution for portal applications and vehicle identification.
  • Different far-field half-power beamwidths in azimuth and elevation plane.
  • Suitable for bulk and single tag applications.
  • High IP67 degree of protection, suitable for outdoor use.

Key Applications

Automated vehicle identification:

  • Electronic toll collect
  • Tolling plaza
  • Lane selective free-flow traffic

Railway identification:

  • Supply Device Management
  • Maintenance



Wide Range RFID UHF Antenna - WRA 6060

The WRA 6060 antenna features a homogeneous read zone emitted by the high front-to-back ratio. This makes it ideal for static detection of multiple transponders. Its thin design enables the antenna to be integrated into different applications.

Key Applications

  • Vehicle Registration
  • POS
  • Smart Shelf
  • Kanban

Wide Range UHF RFID 7070 Antennas - WRA 7070

Wide range antennas (WRA) with large reading distances are the optimal choice for classic far-field applications.

Its low axial ratio for circular polarisation, greatly reduces the dependence of reading results upon the position or alignment of tags.

  • Read range up to 12 m
  • IP67 outdoor protection class
  • Available in Linear, Circular and ©KRAI

Key Applications

  • Gate applications for goods registration
  • Logistics
  • Vehicle registration
  • Bulk and single-tag applications

Mid Range RFID UHF Antennas – MIRA Circular Antenna Unit

The mid-range antenna (MIRA) is built for a wide reading range in between the near and far field. Reading distances of up to 5 m are possible with dimensions of 143.8 x 156 mm.

MIRA is used for reading distances up to 2 m, and offers reading range selection.

Key Applications

  • Logistics applications: installing to corridor conveyor vehicles
  • Materials handling applications
  • Gate applications for goods registration
  • Bulk and single tag applications
  • Access systems

Low Range RFID UHF Antenna - U-LORA

Applications in radiating near field, extremely small dimensions, reading range: < 20 cm, extremely high selectivity, not influenced by metal.

  • Extremely high resistance to interference (multi-reader applications)
  • Suitable for use in industrial environments
  • Optimized for near field applications
  • High IP67 degree of protection
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Key Applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry (e.g. individual tag capture on liquid-filled vessels and blister packs)
  • Access controls
  • Industrial Automation

SmartShelf RFID UHF Antennas – SMSH

The antenna has homogeneous read zone emitted by the high front to back ratio.

Suitable for static detection of multiple transponders. Up to 32 antennas can be cascaded. Without cascade function option is also available

The antenna protection cover comes with the standard package.

  • Ideal for static tag identifications
  • Extremely thin design
  • Read range: up to 0-3m
  • Homogeneous reading field

Key Applications

  • Point of sales
  • Smart shelf
  • Kanban
  • Conveyor belt