High performance RAIN RFID Readers – Versatile applications

Kathrein Solutions, GMBH, leading manufacturer of RFID identification systems, offers passive UHF ISO 18000-6C RFID fixed readers with best-in-class RF performance, intelligent antenna interface ©KRAI, rugged mechanical IP67 design and unique connectivity features, such as integrated industrial controllers, 2G/3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and PoE+.

Kathrein has recently launched a new generation of outdoor RFID IoT readers: RRU 4000 / ARU 3000 series. This new series of RFID readers is ideal for Industrial Tracking & Tracing applications, Logistics-based material flow solutions or Smart City-based solutions, such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions. It allows the customers to access these services easily and seamlessly.

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RRU 4000 RAIN RFID reader

The Kathrein RRU 4000 reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID readers, the leading IoT device for all professional AutoID solutions.

Its high-performance 33-dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules, e.g. PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit transform the way identification works.

In compliance with the latest RFID standards, such as EPC Gen2v2 / ISO 18000-63, the Kathrein RRU 4000 series supports all market-leading transponder chip features for security, authentication and encoding.

Key Applications

  • Professional Auto ID
  • Track and trace

ARU 3000 Series RFID Reader

The Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID readers. With an integrated 65° wide range antenna it is the ideal choice for professional IoT solutions in rugged environments.

Its best-in-class 33 dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit uplifts the way how identification works.

Key Applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Vehicle identification

ARU 2400 RAIN RFID Reader Series

The Kathrein ARU 2000 reader family is a basic RAIN RFID reader with an integrated antenna designed for indoor applications in logistics, manufacturing and supply chain.

Its best in class 27-dBm UHF RF unit, connectivity interface PoE and the basic level processing unit allows flexible integration into Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions.

In compliance with RFID standards, such as EPC Gen2v2/ISO 18000-63, Kathrein ARU 2000 series supports all market leading transponder chip features.

Key Applications

  • eKanBan Applications
  • Intelligent Assembly Areas
  • IATA Baggage Check-in
  • Shelf Applications

ARU-CSB Antenna Reader Units

The Kathrein RFID reader ARU-CSB-ELC offers an Ethernet communication interface and has an integrated 30° wide range antenna with three selectable read zones.

Active and passive RFID tags can be read out in the frequency range from 865 to 868 MHz and from 902 to 928 MHz.

The read zones can be controlled by the reader to enable optimized solutions.

Key Applications

  • Logistics
  • Intralogistics
  • Retail

ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader

ARU 8500 is a powerful circular switch-beam antenna for indoor use. The antenna beam can be swivelled in three areas to track the direction of movement. It ensures long service life and optimal performance.

It's 6-Port Reader ensure precise reading even in a harsh environment, it is possible to connect three additional antennas to the ARU 8500 and combine the dynamic reading with static readings.

Key Applications

  • Registers goods movement in industrial & logistics sectors
  • Capture direction of goods movement
  • Capture Retail data
  • Anti-theft system