Software Integration

Custom services connecting your backend systems to the IoT Cloud

Seamless integration of CRM, ERP, SMS, email gateway, maps, billing engine and such other elements with your new IoT application is crucial for reaping the real benefits of the IoT initiative.

IntelliStride provides these integration services to the backend system software, which could be a customer bespoke inhouse software or provided by a system Integrator or a standard Industry software such as SAP or Oracle. We achieve smooth integration by using APIs and/or our IoT platform Crosstalk software suite, depending upon the application. We also integrate 3rd party devices to the system where additional tracking functionalities are needed.

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Software Integration with any ERP or IT Platform

CROSSTALK AGENT STANDARD INTERFACE MATRIX supports IoT System integration with any ERP or IT Platform.

In the solutioning stage, the needs are identified based on customer objectives and after thorough understanding of customer’s running processes. Our devices can provide Data in multiple industry standard formats which makes Integration easier with limited backend modification. In addition, in certain cases we also support the UI screens and smaller apps for easy operations. We work closely with your System Integration partner where needed to provide a seamless experience.

CrossTalk Agent Standard Interface Matrix


IntelliStride Strengths

  • Technical Expertise
  • Integration of CrossTalk with client’s systems
  • Ability to integrate the new components with the customers’ backend software with minimal disruption
  • Our inhouse and partners’ high-end software capabilities help us achieve high speed of implementation

Technology expertise

We have expertise in the following technologies / systems to offer software integration services for IoT solutions. 

  • IoT
  • IIoT
  • RFID
  • INDUSTRY 4.0
  • Video Analytics
  • Cloud Technologies
  • IoT Suite CROSSTALK 3.0
  • Software integration
  • Sensor based Solutions
  • Barcode
  • Smartcard
  • Printers
  • GPS

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