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A young company but with a 20-year track record. Anuraag talks about the DNA of the company, their mission and gives you a sneak peek into capturing data from train wagons!

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Automated Vehicle Tracking System


Kathrein passive UHF RFID hardware includes stationary and mobile Readers, Antennas with a read range from a few centimeters up to several meters and security Transponders or Tags.

With these high-end RAIN RFID devices, logistics, industrial automation, retail, vehicle identification and many more applications can be implemented effortlessly.

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Our trusted partner ecosystem is designed to accelerate your time to market. Or time to implement.

Our presence in APAC ensures this.

As a partner you can leverage the IntelliStride (and Kathrein GMBH) advantage in marketing and building up your business further around RFID products and IoT applications.

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Case Study and blog


Asset Tracking Solution Using RFID

The Client, a large diversified business enterprise with a Pan India presence, was facing the challenge of managing its huge number of assets effectively. (The client’s business includes Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology and IT services.)

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RFID – Still The Best Fit For Track & Trace

Even after years of existence, why is RFID still the best option for Track and Trace solutions in manufacturing, supply chain, transport and more?

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