IntelliStride will be sharing some videos in this space from our Leadership, from our customers; and on RFID products and IoT solutions.

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From the CEO’s Desk

A young company but with a 20-year track record. Anuraag talks about the DNA of the company, their mission and gives you a sneak peek into capturing data from train wagons!

Automotive Customer Loyalty and Tracking of Vehicle

Seamless integration to existing system to provide automation from Car Park Ganrty to Registration and finally total visibility of car servicing.

Smart Shelf Solution for Retail, Warehouse, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc

Understand IntelliStride smart shelf solution built on Kathrein hardware that optimizes the store operations.

Intelligent Logistics & Warehouse RFID Solution

A versatile and highly reliable solution that tracks & traces your Inventory/Asset adapted for many industries.

Intellistride Values

Values can help define an organization’s personality and help it stand out from the crowd. They can make a statement about where a company stands and what it believes in. 

Intelli Workshop

The intelli-Workshop solution is designed to give greater insights on how to optimize the performance of valuable resources and assets deployed in your operational workflow.

Asset Management System

Asset Management is a vital area for any organization, especially large ones. Lacunae in data concerning assets can lead to a lot of issues which an organization needs to take cognizance of compliance during audits, location & ownership, NPA and excess ordering.


Intellistride Corporate Video

At Intellistride, we create IoT Automation solutions build on proven technologies. We bundle hardware, and software to define a custom-made solution for you. We also believe providing a solution is not enough.


Intelli-Track is a new generation of fully integrated smart devices and software platform, that tracks every operational process in the life cycle of your client's vehicle from the production floor to the after-sales service/maintenance centers.

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