RFID Technology

RAIN RFID Tags: accuracy, security and multi-surface use

We offer a wide range of high-performance transponders for automated vehicle identification and industrial use. Kathrein RFID Tags work in the toughest environments and provide accurate data. Automatic, contactless identification is possible with these tags.

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Windshield Label

High-security passive UHF RFID windshield labels with UCODE DNA or HIGG S3 offer several options for Automated Vehicle Identification.

The RFID Windshield Label facilitates automatic, contactless identification of vehicles (Automatic Vehicle Identification, AVI). The label is adhered to the inside of the windshield. With a special antenna behind glass and a passive function without battery, RFID Windshield Label is designed for extremely high read range.

Security Features:

  • Tag authentication using AES coprocessor and 128-bit AES unique crypto key.
  • Privacy protection via untraceable command and 128-bit AES group crypto key.
  • Trust Provisioning of Secure Secrets.

The label material is a combination of PP and PET layer for extra security and the die-cuts improve security against removal and re-use.

  • ORDER NO.: 52010396, WSL-TP-U725-K-C
  • ORDER NO.: 52010397, WSL-TP-DNA25-K-C

Headlamp Tag

The RFID headlamp tag facilitates automatic, contactless identification of motorcycles and vehicles (Automatic Vehicle Identification, AVI).

The label is adhered to the outside of the headlamp. With a special antenna on the headlamp and a passive function without battery, RFID headlamp is designed for a very high read range.

The UCODE DNA tag authentication uses an AES coprocessor and a 128-bit AES unique crypto key. With other features as well, this tag provides high security.

To protect the personalization, both tags consists of two layers. The extra fragile antenna layer improve security against removal and re-use.

  • ORDER NO.: 52010467, HLT UCODE DNA Monolabel
  • ORDER NO.: 52010478, HLT-TP-K-C-7XM-M

Multi-Surface Transponder

The universal multi surface transponders from Kathrein are designed to be insensitive to the materials to which they are attached. Performance is good on both metal and non-metal items. Robust structure enables successful functioning in harsh environments. And destruction resistance is high.

With the UCODE DNA, the multi-surface tags offer a combination of long-range UHF RFID performance and cryptographic security functionality for tag authentication.

  • ORDER NO.: 52010371, MTP-110-K-A
  • ORDER NO.: 52010372, MTP-40-K-A

Crosswave Classic

This tag is designed to have constant reading performance in all orientations even when using linear reader antenna. Dual-dipole label for logistics applications having good reading performance and radiation pattern.

Specifications as:


Dimension: Width:75 x Height:50 x Depth:0.2 mm

Memory: 128 bit EPC (M730)

Read Range:Up to 11 m
36 ft

Temperature:35℃ to +70℃
-31℉ to +158℉


Ferro MOM 8035

RAIN (UHF) RFID label optimized for Metal and Plastic among other surfaces and delivered with a high-performance acrylic adhesive. These labels feature a film face to print customized logos, product information, scannable barcodes, QR codes, etc. directly on the label.

Typical Applications

On Metal and Plastic surfaces

  • Indoor Asset Management: IT Assets, furniture’s, home appliances and kitchen equipment
  • Automotive: Components, spare parts and RTI’s
  • Healthcare: Hospital Assets & Equipment’s
  • Industrial: Metal assets, structural steel and RTI’s
  • Retail: RTI’s


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