Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Solution (AMS) enables optimal asset tracking and management. It aims to improve asset management,  enhance asset utilization, increase productive uptime, and lower operational costs. AMS is a combination of software, hardware, and services.

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What is Asset Management Solution?

Asset management solution, IoT is a rapidly emerging ecosystem of IP-connected devices that have the potential to drive exponential growth in businesses and bring about progressive changes in our day-to-day activities.

In a traditional/manual asset tracking system, the unique item identification number is manually written or printed on an adhesive sticker and pasted onto the items. At every strategic point where the asset tracking system needs to be posted with a movement, a person manually captures the data and fed into the system which then processes the information to record the locational information of the items.

In IoT based Asset management system, each item is fitted with an RFID tag/beacon/sensor. These are basically electronic radio transmitters comprising of a microchip and an antenna and a tiny battery, everything fabricated on a substrate. It can be easily attached to a variety of items directly.

Each of these has its unique identification number and it periodically sends out a radio signal carrying the same. 


Benefits of IT Asset Management Solution

The main benefits of an efficient IT Asset Management system can be summarized as follows:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Real-time Tracking
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Seamless Workload Distribution
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Mobile Compatibility

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Based on the type and importance of assets, the Asset Management System has been a proven solution for the following verticals:

IT Asset Tracking, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Healthcare, Logistics, Oil and Gas, Retail.

asset management system

IT Asset Tracking

For one global information technology company, tracking IT assets had become an urgent problem. As an organization that runs on information technology, the company operates data centres worldwide that both support and enable its global businesses. Without an Asset Tracking software, IT staff spend more time searching for IT assets rather than on their core responsibilities. We, as Intellistride, help to reduce the time and resources required for the inventory of IT assets tracking.



With increased market demands, the manufacturer should also increase their production throughputs. For this, it is important that the right materials, tools, and equipment must be available at right time and at the right place i.e., pre-production, production, and post-production. Intellistride offers all necessary components and tools from one source enabling us to provide our customers and partners the most powerful solutions. 



Each country, government, community, and city have its domestic and urban requirements in regard to Intelligent Transportation on the roads. Based on the customer needs, Intellistride offers a broad portfolio of ITS scenarios like- Electronic Toll Collection, Electronic Vehicle Registration, Electronic Vehicle Identification, Automated Vehicle Identification, Intelligent Parking Interface, Smart City Applications and Public Transportation Systems.



There are a lot of moving parts in the construction industry such as people, large equipment, and tons of materials. Any of these parts could act as a bottleneck, delaying the project and resulting in huge profit losses. Especially where equipment is concerned, the construction industry needs a better solution and IoT is the answer.



Intellistride provides an efficient, cost-effective information system to support best practices in inpatient service from admissions and administration, through points of care to managing equipment and supplies. There can be various assets in Healthcare Industry like surgical equipment, medical equipment, laundry, medicines, specimens etc.



By delivering goods, inside the premise as well as outside the premise, in time, logistics directly contribute to organizational growth. With different technology, Intellistride offers a wide range of asset tracking options in logistics which helps organizations to deliver goods in time.



The retail industry is seeing a rapid transformation, with The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions taking the center stage in the sector. Having plenty of applications, Intellistride helps in increasing customer loyalty, boosting sales, offering a personalized experience, and improving inventory management. With Beacons, digital signage, in-house developed smart shelves, and Smart PoS, we help in improving asset visibility from warehouse to sale.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Intellistride offerings in the oil and gas sector can improve safety and amplify profits simultaneously, with asset tracking and predictive maintenance solutions having the greatest impact on outcomes. With Intellistride ’s real-time tracking and remote monitoring solution, O&G industries can take predictive and preventive measures on time and thus leading to better health and safety programs.

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