Automotive industry IoT solutions

Improved tracking in production and customer service 

Automotive iot solutions, IntelliStride offers RFID based IoT solutions for the Automotive industry. As an Auto manufacturer or Dealer, you face challenges in supply chain visibility, overstocking, cost containment, providing better service, interpretation of data and so on.

Kathrein’s wide-area RFID technology is an essential technology used to build automotive IoT solutions, supported by an IoT platform that helps develop asset tracking and supply chain logistics to offer a new level of efficiency to the automotive industry. 

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Automotive Industry Iot Intelli-Track Solutions

The Intelli-Track solution is designed to give greater insights on how to optimize the performance of valuable resources and assets deployed in your operational workflow.

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  • Warehousing and Supply Chain Automation
  • Work-in-Process / Kanban / Replenishment / Re-work
  • Yard Management
  • Car Tracking in the OEM plant (Production & Logistics)
  • Service level tracking post delivery
  • RTLS and Object Tracking
  • Workshop Service tracking for Auto Dealers

Benefits of Automotive IoT Solutions

Our Automotive IoT solutions use cutting-edge RFID hardware and software technology from Kathrein GMBH, Germany, supported by expert solutioning services.

  • Increased asset & tool utilization
  • Cost savings
  • Improve services to end customer
  • Easy shipping and tracking
  • Instant restocking of supplies to prevent shortages
  • Theft prevention
  • Better adherence to safety regulations through scheduled maintenance

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