A modular software suite to connect IoT devices! Easy integration with many backend systems!

CrossTalk 3.4 IoT Suite, Kathrein's IoT platform is a modular IoT software suite for different identification applications. Passive UHF RFID, barcode, GPS, RTLS, Sensors and various other technolgies can be handled with CrossTalk. It provides centrally controlled integration - from device management right through to customised backends.

CrossTalk IoT Suite is the most advanced software suite for:
1. AutoID, 2. IoT device management, and 3. Track & trace visualization

An ideal software platform for IoT integration in small and large enterprises, CrossTalk features several built-in components, ready to deliver value.

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Components of CrossTalk:

  • CrossTalk AppCenter is the Platform for IoT tracking applications, central configuration and monitoring tool for IoT infrastructure devices.
  • CrossTalk Repository is a highly scalable data storage and distribution platform for events and objects. It is an EPCIS compliant implementation.
  • CrossTalk Agent delivers plug & play device integration, real time data capturing, event processing and filtering.

CrossTalk delivers the best combination of AutoID Middleware, Device Management and Edgeware. It is characterized by a set of unbeatable advantages as listed below:

  • Standardised software platform
  • The most advanced software suite for AutoID & IoT device management and track-and-trace visualisation
  • Delivers plug-and-play integration for most of the AutoID devices and backend systems in the market
  • Allows a mix of technologies from major RFID/AutoID, RTLS, barcode and sensor providers
  • Provides several innovative visual track-and-trace applications
  • Highly configurable, modular and customisable which makes it suitable for customer scenario.

CrossTalk IoT Software Suite


CrossTalk Software Suite

is available in 3 different licenses:

  • CrossTalk base platform
    Focus on device integration and management.
  • CrossTalk full platform
    Includes base platform features, plus business apps.
  • CrossTalk repository
    High scalable EPCIS repository.

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Why do you need CrossTalk IoT Suite ?

CrossTalk IoT Suite is characterized by high speed and edge computing which make it ideal for applications where quick processing is crucial.

The advantageous features of CrossTalk Suite:

  • No backend dependency:
    Agent is deployed at the Reader. All the data processing & filtering are executed at the Reader itself rendering the IoT platform free from backend dependency and suitable for backends of different technologies.
  • Fast and Secure mode of communication:
    Final processed data will be sent to the backend server through available connectivity.
  • Support local storage at the device:
    Crosstalk supports storage of huge amount of data in the Reader itself in case of any connectivity failure & will sync once the connectivity is restored
  • Better device management centrally:
    The Device Management App delivers full control for any corporate IoT device infrastructure. Since CrossTalk is built on a distributed architecture, it is the binding component between the central system and the remote CT Agents.

IntelliStride’s team of seasoned professionals possess CrossTalk experience and expertise to complete a successful implementation as part of the IoT solutions for enterprises in the APAC region.


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