Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Efficiency in traffic movement with IoT

The rapidly increasing road traffic and transport require an intelligent and smart transportation solution. Parking problems, and slow movement through toll gates waste time.

Our solutions for intelligent transport aim to optimize processes such as toll collection, traffic movement, and parking space utilization. Users are provided with real-time running information, parking availability, information about traffic, local convenience, berth/ seat availability, etc. which reduces travel time and enhances their comfort.

The use of Kathrein Crosstalk hardware and software enables Vehicle identification for Electronic tolling collection at high speeds thus making the solution an ideal choice for high-speed Multi-lane free-flow applications (MLFF) with minimal changes to backend Tolling Management Systems (TMS) in use today.

The intelligent traffic management system use cases below are some of the IoT solutions we offer.

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  • Electronic Toll Collect in barriered Toll gates (ETC)
  • Smart parking
  • Parking infrastructure
  • Multi lane free flow on highways with no gates (MLFF)
  • Railway Wagon tracking

RFID Turnkey Solutions in the ITS Infrastructure

Based on our cost-effective passive RFID technology, the powerful and dynamic ITS network fulfils all future smart city requirements and saves infrastructure costs by using wireless connectivity integrated into the RFID Reader Devices.

According to the latest ISO 18000-63 passive RFID standard, IntelliStride provides all necessary key components from Kathrein like:

  • RFID high-performance ©KRAI reader
  • RFID wide-range antennas
  • RFID security windshield and vehicle plate transponders
  • RFID integration and device management software platform (© CrossTalk)

Benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems

Kathrein RFID hardware and software enable successful implementation of smart transportation projects characterised by automation and digitization. Key benefits:

  • Improves efficiency in transport movement
  • Saves commuter time
  • Enhances safety
  • Customers can find parking quickly, effective utilization of parking space
  • Improved mobility of users
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