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Rising customer service-level expectations, and the associated difficulty in maintaining customer loyalty, make success in retail highly challenging. Added to that is the ever increasing competition which makes it imperative for retailers to look for new solutions, vital to staying ahead and delighting customers.

Incorporation of IoT solutions in retail allows retailers to fulfil customer demands. IntelliStride offers an integrated system connecting IoT devices in areas like stock rooms and in-store, providing insights about product availability at different locations and consumer behaviour. Such connected data merges both online and offline spheres of customer engagement. With improved data intelligence, retailers can remain competitive and move ahead.

The retail use cases below are some of the IoT solutions we offer.

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Smart Trolley

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Smart Point of Sale Solution

  • Eliminating the need to scan individual bar codes at point of sale
  • Faster checkouts
  • Accurate read range just enough to cover the dimensions the device.
  • Compact and small size RFID UHF reader for POS
  • Better customer satisfaction

EAS Solution

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been proven to protect your merchandise against shoplifters.

Small security tags, applied to high-theft merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take stolen items through electronic sensors at exit doors.

  • Reducing shoplifting losses
  • Increasing profitability
  • Precise information rather than generic information about the product detected.
  • Increasing sales when items are taken from locked cases/behind counters and put on live sales floor
  • Creating a more pleasant shopping environment for your customers

Electronic Shelf Labels

Digital signage helps retail companies provide personalized and interactive shopping experience.

With digital signage applications, marketers save costs related to traditional print media and push customer engagement to the next level.

Show More Information: With more modern ESL technology, more information can be displayed on each label. This means that you can show a whole lot more than just the price.

Enhance your omnichannel experience: According to Planet Retail, 56% of consumers feel that technology improves their shopping experiences.

Save Paper and Plastic: Aside of the obvious paper waste reduction due to reusability of the tags, there are additional waste reduction aspects.

More Accurate and Save Employees Time: Electronic pricing is easier to edit and always more accurate. Employees don’t need to waste their time making hundreds of small changes around the store.



  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
  • Smart shelf
  • Supply chain
  • Inventory
  • Point of Sale tracking
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Foot-traffic management

Benefits of IoT Solutions to Retail Industry

Use of RFID in retail facilitates item movements and financial transactions. IntelliStride addresses all the key retail industry requirements for IoT transformation using Kathrein hardware and software with implementation services. Key benefits:  

  • Improve internal supply chain efficiency
  • Inventory intelligence to prevent stock-out
  • Know product usage/ availability in real time
  • Improve customer service by on-time delivery
  • Tweak store layout based on customer in-store movements and purchases
  • Prevent theft
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