IoT Solutions in Healthcare

Improved hospital asset utilization, faster service delivery to patients

The present day healthcare industry would like to impart affordable and accessible patient care; however, it faces several challenges such as offering good patient experience, managing its assets, utilization of labs and OT, increasing data volumes and more.

Our IoT solutions for healthcare enable hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies to improve their performance tremendously. Healthcare providers can optimise workflow, asset utilization, reduce costs and improve patient experience.

The healthcare use cases below are some of the IoT solutions we offer.

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Benefits of IoT Solutions in Healthcare Industry

  • Improved processes: faster service delivery and safety in hospitals
  • Better asset utilization: labs and OTs
  • Improve customer experience through patient tracking
  • Remove errors in Lab processes
  • Overall improvement in processes leads to cost reduction
  • Reduced costs in hospital inventory

Healthcare IoT Use Cases

  • Patient tracking
  • OT utilization
  • Tracking & tracing of patient records/files
  • Medical device tracking
  • Asset tracking: patients, employees, beds, wheel chairs, equipment etc. based on passive and active RFID or Wi-Fi technologies
  • Lab management
  • Lab Specimen Tracking
  • Logistics processes: Pharma/Hospital warehouse management
  • Logistics processes: Inventory management, e.g. by means of RFID cabinets
  • Logistics processes: Goods issue process

Smart Incontinences Monitoring

Handheld Deployment

  • A portable reader enables diaper checks at any location
  • Minimizes patient impact during check time
  • Requires staff to operate the reader

Bedside Fixed Reader Deployment

  • Continuous monitoring anywhere there is RF coverage
  • Automated alerting to nurse call system with response history
  • Trend analysis for dehydration, UTI, quality of life monitoring
  • Requires reader infrastructure at bed and gathering areas

Consumer Deployment

  • Portable “fixed” reader with WiFi/BLE for iOS/Android connection
  • Reader hung on the crib, placed in the diaper bag, next to the car seat, etc.
  • Extremely price-sensitive market
  • Requires very low-cost, easy-to-use reader

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