Financial Aspects of IoT

Podcasts, 17 November 2020

Episode 5 | Listening Time: 13 minutes

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What financial factors should one consider while initiating IoT?

In this episode, the host, Francis D Cruz speaks with Suresh Wadhwani, the Co-founder and CFO of IntelliStride Technologies. Suresh, a seasoned finance professional, speaks about the financial aspects that impact the business when it implements IoT initiative.

Talking Points:

  1. What financial aspects should one consider with respect to IoT?
  2. Which business models can enhance the expansion of RFID usage?
  3. How do the Capital Expense and Operational Expense aspects affect the implementation of RFID?
  4. Real-life examples of financial considerations impacting IoT implementation


To understand the financial impact of IoT, a business must determine the purpose of implementing IoT initiatives. Determine what the ROI should be for that particular purpose. Get an insight into how to do a cost-benefit analysis to implement IoT.

An innovative business can find ways to drive more profits from IoT in the long run, thus increasing the ROI of the project. Hence, the cost of implementing the technology does not remain an issue.


Francis D Cruz., Account Manager, IntelliStride

Suresh Wadhwani, Co-founder and CFO, IntelliStride

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