Internet of Things – IoT – Making it Simple

Podcasts, 03 November 2020

Episode 1 | Listening Time: 1.50 minutes

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Introducing a Technology Podcast series about IoT and its implementation

Internet of Things – IoT – Making it Simple is a technology podcast series hosted by Francis D Cruz from IntelliStride. Throughout the series, Francis talks with various experts, practitioners, consumers and providers in the field of IOT. The podcast is meant to simplify the term Internet of Things or IoT for businesses interested in the technology.

In this episode, Francis explains the purpose of the show and the issues the series will focus on.

In this series, you will learn what is IoT, how to implement it, why is it needed and all other aspects of IoT like the technology, hardware, software, services, platforms, evolution, adoption and real-world applications. The podcast is meant to do away with the jargon and describe IoT as what it is at the core.

About IntelliStride:

IntelliStride is a provider of RFID hardware products, IoT software and solutions in the Asia Pacific region in partnership with Kathrein Solutions GMBH, a worldwide leader in RFID Antenna technology. The company aims at bringing the benefits of real innovation and breakthrough technologies to their large enterprise clients, partners and system integrators.


  • Francis D Cruz
    Account Manager, IntelliStride

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