Iot Solution Design-5 Traits of Elegant Solution Design

Podcasts, 11 March 2022

Episode 9 | Listening Time: 8 minutes 

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Iot Solution Design-5 Traits of Elegant Solution Design

In this episode, Anuraag Bhatnagar, the Founder of Intellistride Technologies focuses on IoT solution design traits. Here, Anuraag explains the 5 traits of IoT Solution design and what makes the solution design elegant.

Talking Points:

  • The solution focuses on the Business goal, not Technology
  • Traits of elegant solution design


Solution Design is an iterative process and can only be created by understanding the users, challenging accepted ways of doing things and understanding the root of the business problem.

Solutions evolve with each iteration as the understanding of underlying business needs become clearer.

The end product is a unique solution that could be a mix of Technology change, process change, organization redesign, decision and communication redesign, competencies upgrade and probably more.


  • Anuraag Bhatnagar
    Founder, Intellistride

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