Building Blocks of IoT

Podcasts, 12 February 2021

Episode 1 | Listening Time: 16 minutes

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What are the building blocks of IoT? What role do these components play in the IoT ecosystem?

IntelliStride technologies have started their new Podcast series – RFID and IoT Technology – Making IoT Simple.

This series aims at simplifying the concept of RFID and IoT technology. The first episode of the series focuses on uncovering the underlying IoT layers and making it simple for the audience.

Francis D Cruz, the show’s host, speaks with Rajesh, the IoT Project Manager at IntelliStride Technologies. The two of them focus on discussing the Building blocks of IoT. Rajesh talks about each building block and the role it plays in the IoT architecture.

Talking Points:

  1. What are the building blocks of IoT?
  2. What is the role of each building block in the IoT ecosystem?
  3. Real-life case


IoT is made up of 6 building blocks or layers. The first one is the device. An IoT device has some time of communication functionality. IoT devices are categorized as– IP enabled and non-IP enabled.

The second building block is the data aggregation or Edge. It can be thought of as the brain of the IoT ecosystem. It is what makes the devices intelligent. The third component is the IoT Gateway. It is a gateway that makes it possible for things to share data with the internet. IoT Gateways can be Simple or Intelligent.

The next component of IoT is connectivity. It can be wired or wireless. Then comes the IoT Platform. It is meant to easily connect the devices and sensors and enable connections between related information systems and operational assets.

The 6th and last building block of IoT is the business application. It focuses on Data visualization. All these components play an important part in the IoT ecosystem and together they comprise the IoT architecture.


Francis D Cruz, Account Manager, IntelliStride

Rajesh, IoT Project Manager, IntelliStride

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