Consulting for IoT

Podcasts, 17 November 2020

Episode 6 | Listening Time: 18 minutes

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Why should businesses hire consultants for IoT transformation?

This episode of the podcast is hosted by Anuraag Bhatnagar, the CEO of IntelliStride. He speaks with Anuradha Jain, a Consultant in the Intelligent Transport Industry, about the importance of consultations in IoT transformation. They discuss the value of consulting for IoT.

Talking Points

  1. Why do firms need consultants for their IoT initiatives?
  2. Are there some tangible benefits that a customer gets by engaging consultants?
  3. When does the role of a consultant end?
  4. A real-life case


Consultants help businesses in understanding the right way of implementing IoT initiatives. They determine the changes needed in the IT landscape of the business. Consultants help the company define the goals of IoT transformation and ensure that the IoT initiatives are implemented in the most efficient way.

Hiring consultants for the IoT initiatives makes the process of implementation easier for the company and improves resource utilization. Consultants bring an outside perspective to the project and help the business in setting concrete goals. They facilitate the business to understand the required capabilities and expected challenges.


Anuraag Bhatnagar, CEO, IntelliStride

Anuradha Jain, Consultant, Intelligent Transport Industry

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