Classifying IoT Applications

Podcasts, 17 November 2020

Episode 4 | Listening Time: 8 minutes

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How can we classify IoT Applications? What kind of Applications come under the definition of Internet of Things or IoT?

In this episode, Francis D Cruz continues his discussion from previous episodes with Anuraag Bhatnagar, the Founder of Intellistride Technologies. This episode focuses on classifying IoT applications Here, Anuraag explains the 3 broad categories of IoT applications and how to classify them. It also becomes clear what is and what isn’t an IoT application.

Talking Points:

  • What the major categories of IoT applications?
  • How to classify IoT applications?


 IoT applications can be broadly classified into three categories.

First is a device embedded in working equipment that measures the performance of the equipment. For example, a sensor embedded in a Hydraulic Pump or turbine that measures its rotation.

The second category is a device that measures any aspect of the surrounding environment. For example, Oximeter, Smart Watches or Weather apps.

The third category is the track and trace devices. These devices are used to identify or locate an object. For example, electronic tolling or a GPS device.

Any device with one or more of the above-mentioned capabilities that transfers data to the back-end in real-time can be classified as an IoT device or application. 



  • Francis D Cruz
    Account Manager, IntelliStride
  • Anuraag Bhatnagar
    Founder, IntelliStride

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