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ROI-Return on Investment
ROI-Return on Investment 25 October 2021

One of the favourite questions that potential customers have when they get to know that I’ve been a CFO in my earlier avatar, is “What is the ROI on the capexp to be spent on an RFID solution?”

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How does an RFID asset tracking system work?
How does an RFID asset tracking system work? 05 October 2021

An RFID asset tracking system is acquired by an organization to run its operations. This could be IT assets, furniture & fixtures, lab equipment, plant & machinery etc. Once the acquisition is done, it becomes critical for companies & organizations to know the whereabouts & condition of their assets.

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RFID in Singapore – Working across closed borders
RFID in Singapore – Working across closed borders 29 September 2021

The last two years have been tough for organizations with a global presence. They relied on talent across multiple countries to deliver business. Singapore has been no exception. Pre Covid, it was an accepted norm to have people coming in for a short duration to support ongoing projects.

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logistics warehouse Singapore
logistics warehouse Singapore 20 September 2021

In most warehouse and logistics environments, the RFID tracking system has become an invaluable tool and a necessity. Typically, RFID tracking works through several stages. At each step, inventory comes under greater control in an efficient contactless manner: 

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IoT: Internet-of-Things Landscape in Singapore
IoT: Internet-of-Things Landscape in Singapore 14 September 2021

IMDA started a nationwide RFID adoption drive in 2004 amongst key industry players. s RFID is a relatively new technology in Singapore, it is necessary to nurture the requisite capabilities now to support its future growth. To this end, the IDA is working closely with local RFID solution providers, leading MNCs and educational institutes to…

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What Is Inventory Management?
What Is Inventory Management? 23 August 2021

As part of asset management, inventory management is the most important area of control. Having been an auditor myself during my earlier career years, I remember at year-end audits, the time and effort spent by us along with the client’s staff on counting inventory and ensuring that the physical inventory matches with the book inventory.

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