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Data Loggers
Data Loggers 19 May 2022

IoT solutions bring visibility into the conditions in which the goods have been maintained. Modern IoT solutions reach beyond the compliance requirements to provide the control necessary to proactively manage live operations in logistics.

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RTLS Real Time Location System
RTLS Real Time Location System 19 May 2022

RFID and RTLS Real Time Location System Tracking in High Tech ManufacturingRTLS real time location system Tracking, Singapore and many of the Asian Tigers are synonymous with producing high volume quality electronic products and machinery. RFID technology has come a long way and brings many benefits, but versatility remains one of its greatest advantages. In High

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Cold Storage Monitoring
Cold Storage Monitoring 19 May 2022

IoT is helping manufacturers optimize business operations, reduce the impact of a recall and meet government requirements by providing continuous monitoring and record keeping in cold chain warehouses. To implement a reliable system for temperature and humidity traceability, the first rule is to eliminate the use of manually recording data.

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What is RFID and How does the RFID system work?
What is RFID and How does the RFID system work? 23 March 2022

RFID systems are most commonly used for livestock tracking, inventory management, supply chain logistics and vehicle tracking and are prevalent in industries such as health care, manufacturing retail business and even home atomisation, RFID is also what makes contactless payment or tap to pay possible, Tapping a smartphone or RFID enabled credit card against a…

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How IoT is Transforming Cold Chain Management
How IoT is Transforming Cold Chain Management 23 February 2022

Intellistride’s cold chain monitoring solutions help food and pharma companies to monitor the cargo which consists of cold chain anytime anywhere. With the accurate available temperature monitoring, we ensure that your high-value consignments will be protected. Our solutions are also compliant with Biopharma GMP5 and IATA (2019) regulations.

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Solution Design for Digital Transformation – Common mistakes to avoid
Solution Design for Digital Transformation – Common mistakes to avoid 03 February 2022

The Foundation of any digital transformation project is a well-thought Solution design. A good solution design makes an enormous impact on achieving business transformation objectives. Transformation execution becomes that much easier on the back of well thought through and professional Solution design. Best Solutions have a positive impact across organizational boundaries. At Intellistride we have…

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