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Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring

19 May 2022

Wireless & real-time Cold Storage monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring, By increasing supply chain transparency, companies can connect with consumers, build trust and achieve better visibility.

Data transparency in supply chain management is becoming a priority. Companies are beginning to realize the advantage of data transparency and sharing valuable insights with their partners and consumers. By increasing supply chain transparency, companies can connect with consumers, build trust and achieve better visibility along their supply chain to drive improvements.

The main advantages of transparency are the ability to provide companies with the confidence that their suppliers, materials, and products are genuine, acquired honestly, and live up to their company standards. Incorporating the use of emerging technology such as blockchain and IoT enables companies to achieve greater transparency making the most complicated supply chains easy to manage. Tractica has highlighted that worldwide sales of warehouse automation technology such as robotics and logistics are expected to reach a market value of $22.4 billion by the end of 2021.

Cold chain and Pharmaceutical warehouses

Companies must monitor cold storage areas from all aspects of the supply chain to preserve quality and maintain safety standards of perishable products. The process of monitoring these areas should be made easy enabling data to be recorded and accessible anytime. Food wastage has become one of the most common problems experienced in the food industry. Advancements in cold storage have been instrumental to the reduction of waste of perishable food. Companies in the food and pharmaceutical sector are beginning to realise the many benefits that wireless monitoring technology can bring them enhancing their levels of warehouse automation. Many changes in government regulatory requirements such as FSMA and HACCP in the U.S are posing new challenges for many companies in the warehousing industry.

Wireless Cold Storage monitoring and IoT 

IoT is helping manufacturers optimize business operations, reduce the impact of a recall and meet government requirements by providing continuous monitoring and record keeping in cold chain warehouses. To implement a reliable system for temperature and humidity traceability, the first rule is to eliminate the use of manually recording data. Not only is it challenging to record everything but locating and organizing the proper documents for reports and data analysis can be a time-consuming task. With today’s standards, a company is expected to act immediately when temperature violations occur. Wireless monitoring is a relative solution to the problem of constantly monitoring the cold chain warehouse environment.

Intellistride’s cold storage wireless monitoring solution

Intellistride’s cold storage wireless monitoring solution tracks the temperature and relative humidity of the warehouse environment. The device is a plug and plays solution. The device is configured to send notifications to concerned parties when temperature or humidity violations occur. Data transparency has an important role in warehouse monitoring. In particular seasonal changes mean that the cold and hot spots in warehouses vary. Unlike other devices, Intellistride’s solution can be easily shifted to a new location without any operational expense. In conclusion, several regulations and processes are mandatory within the cold storage and cold chain industries to ensure the safety of perishable goods. Wireless cold storage monitoring solutions will play a large role in allowing companies to reduce their operational costs and human error, and allow concerned parties to take effective immediate action when violations occur.

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