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X-factor of Vendors in IOT implementations

X-factor of Vendors in IOT implementations

24 May 2020

By: Sunny Kumar

The economics of businesses today has been transformed by the rapid pace of advancement in the IoT environment. The need to shorten the buying cycle & inventory replenishment with the lowest cost & carbon emission footprint involved, while ensuring that the needs of the business and clients are met to safeguard its profitability.
Likewise, a new strategy to incorporate local vendors in your portfolio who is capable of providing both emerging and staple IoT technologies will give an added advantage to any business that wants to quickly adopt these solutions. As always, a proven track record of accomplishments in the IoT market or the specific technologies as a service provider will ensure success in deployment.

Given a chance, everyone would buy their vegetables & dairy fresh out of the farm rather than going to a big retail chain, mostly because it will be organic, fresh, nutrient-rich & more importantly at a much cheaper rate than retailers for sure. So, going by this notion, there are benefits to having local vendors supporting your business purchases in IoT domain implementations as you get to know where your products are coming from.
A recent survey by “thomasnet” showed 72 per cent of B2B/industrial buyers generally prefer to source locally instead. Let’s look at preferences to keep the supply chain in proximity:

True local partner eco-system: Face to face interaction in business planning and negotiations as opposed to dealing with overseas vendors which give organizations greater control for vendor selection. In turn, the local vendor has an opportunity to grow in a market closest to the client and for the long term growth of involved parties. As it is rightly said – “Local deals are often made with just a handshake”.
Agility, shorter downtime & faster deployments; The advantage of the geographically reach available for IoT deployments, maintenance & inspections activities required on-site with close association & better understanding of local customer preferences without having any language barriers.
Reduced costs & carbon-emission footprint; The availability of locally supplied goods & services to shorten lead time. Coupled with good experience in IOT implementations which saves overall cost and reducing carbon footprints less packaging & transportation.

Growth for the local community; Promoting local talents and utilizing untapped resources builds up the community at large to improve the living standards and bring in more investments.
Core competence and specialist; Many successful IoT projects have one common characteristic of a vendor who has immense experience and tracks record in that vertical or industry. Along with a well-organised backend to ensure a smooth supply chain and administration to move the product swiftly to the client.
Choice of appropriate local vendor combined with the above factors will position you for a successful IoT deployment to improve business performance & the benefits are in-turn passed on to vendors as well. The X-factor of the vendor is truly seen from the overall ability to be agile and bring the best value out of the product through an experienced team of specialists and co-workers to address the dynamics of a transformational business environment.

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Many enterprises seeking to implement IoT, face challenges along the way such as finding the right technological solution, the risk involved with high investments, communication infrastructure, successful integration with existing software systems and data security.
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