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19 May 2022

Data Loggers

Data loggers, Pharmaceuticals is a 13.4 billion dollar industry according to the Biopharma Cold chain sourcebook written by Pharmaceutical Commerce. From packaging, transportation, storage and distribution the support ecosystem prospers from operations around pharma products.

The compliance requirements and restrictions around pharma logistics operations are meticulous and uncompromisable. Any out of temperature events in the environment of TTSPs could cause major confusion around the safety of the goods. The investigation and assurance process triggered as a consequence could cost thousands of dollars.

IoT solutions bring visibility into the conditions in which the goods have been maintained. Modern IoT solutions reach beyond the compliance requirements to provide the control necessary to proactively manage live operations in logistics.

Pandemic brought consumer focus on the cold chain. It makes it that much more important to keep logistics safe and sustainable.

datalogger, Driving efficiency needs managers who are resilient in acting in situations of unexpected crisis. Decisions in such cases are difficult but need to be quick. Having all the information ready at hand is important to be able to do this. Solutions that provide live tracking of TTSPs and monitoring their conditions play a major role in collecting and delivering information that management can rely on.

The cold chain is still fairly reliant on the human workforce. Considering the volume of goods that move through each established handover point, human error, unchecked, could mean catastrophe.

Different links in the cold chain need holistic information on the status of assets that are moving in between. A shared IoT data platform makes this possible.

These are some of the reasons that might affect asset safety. Placing temperature in the wrong temperature zone, not maintaining environment buffers like PVC curtains, leaving doors open for too long while loading or unloading, transit delays, tampering with assets in transit, rough handling of assets, inefficient packaging material, an unexpected receipt of goods, Live monitoring in the cold chain is necessary. Uninterrupted end-to-end monitoring is not easy, but essential.


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